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Our Team

Qualified Professionals

 THFY is a fully registered body piercing service that has been in business since 2007, and has performed over 80,000 body piercing procedures.

All technicians must complete an intense 4 – 6 month course and on going training to become fully certified to work at any THFY location. Every THFY piercing technician must provide a valid and up to date certificate. We are a family-like group working together to be the best piercing shop we can be.

 We are proud to have knowledgeable, respectful, friendly and discrete staff available 7 days a week. Visit any THFY body piercing location for quality products and service.

THFY Policies

We have you covered

THFY has created the perfect guarantee to ensure our customers are satisfied. Body piercing is not an exact science and many things can affect the piercing procedure such as the slightest movement, your anatomy or you may not like the placement after the fact. No matter the reason the THFY guarantee has you covered. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON PIERCING PROCEDURES OR BODY JEWELLERY.


If you notify us of a problem within the time frame listed below you may be eligible for a re-piercing. 

  • Within 24 hours: FREE Re-Piercing
  • Within 3 days: $25.00 +tax
  • Within 2 weeks: Half Price +tax
  • After 2 weeks: regular price

If you DO NOT INFORM US within the time frames above. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE GUARANTEE.

Re-piercing procedure

Re-piercing Safely

If notified of incorrect piercing placement within 24 hours, the customer then has 2 days to come in so a piercing technician can assess the piercing and establish if it qualifies as free re-piercing or not. Or if the customer is still int he shop and immediately notices there is a problem, the piercing technician will decide whether it should be re-pierced right away, or at a later date but only after the initial piercing has healed.

To qualify for discounted re-piercing, the piercing must be:

  • Crooked
  • Uneven
  • Causing problems
  • Not placed correctly.
If it does qualify the piercing technician will then:
  • Take the piercing out at that time and advise them of when they can come get it re-pierced.
  • Issue them a gift card for the specific piercing they received to be re-pierced at a later date.

After every piercing you receive clear instructions both verbally and on your aftercare sheet that if you ever have any problems or concerns to come in or call right away.

REMINDER: THFY DOES NOT REFUND BODY JEWELLERY. It is against health regulations