Can I go swimming with a new piercing?

We recommend staying out of pools/hot tubs/lakes for 1 month after receiving a piercing, or cover it with a waterproof band aid if you can.

Why can't I get my lip pierced with a hoop right away?

We use a longer bar to allow room for your lip to swell and minimize complications.

Do you pierce babies?

Yes, but we only use needles and can only do one at a time because of this. Depending if the child fusses we will only do one(according to the piercers judgement of the situation and the childs reaction to the first one) and you may come back at a later date whenever you would like to get the second one pierced.

Can I drink alcohol the night i get my tongue pierced?

No, we do not recommend it since your tongue will be swollen and sore so you should take it easy, but as long as you rinse your mouth out with water very frequently there is really no reason you can’t drink but it’s not recommended.

Will my piercing hole close up completely if i leave it out?

It depends on the person and their body, some people will and some won’t. There is no way to say for sure, if you want to keep your piercing then keep jewelry in it at all times to be safe.

Why can't i change my piercing sooner then recommended?

Because if you change it too soon there is no real pathway established yet and you will just be stabbing around in an open wound with the jewelry. Because it is not fully healed you also increase the risk of infection.

Can i bring my own jewelry to get pierced with?

No, we pierce with our own jewelry to be sure of the quality that it won’t cause a reaction and that it is sanitary. Unless you have severe metal allergies and have 14k or better jewelry we always use ours.

Why is your jewelry so expensive?

Because we make sure we only carry quality jewelry made of quality materials that are not going to cause an allergic reaction. Also our own expenses are higher because we are a local community business that does not buy jewelry by the thousands for a discounted price like chain stores are able to do.

What makes a piercer certified and what is their training?

Hours upon hours of training including observation, practice and intense testing with more practice after that. Minimum mark requirements for testing before moving onto the next stage make all of our piercers extremely knowledgeable and expert professionals before they are certified.

What do you clean your tools with?

We use SINGLE USE, pre packaged and EO gas sterilized needles. All other equipment is sanitized in a specialized chemical soak, then put in a Hospital grade equipment sterilizer for extra measure to ensure your safety and our reputation.

Do you guys carry real gold jewelry?

Yes, we have 14k gold jewelry for ears, nose and lip. WE can also do special orders for other gold jewelry as well.

Do you offer apprenticeship training?

Yes we do. You can drop off or email your resume to thisholesforyou@hotmail.com.